Year 9 Living World - School Use

Year 9 Living World - School Use

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What do we mean by the 'living world'? Well, it's about living things and how they interact with each other and the environment the world around them.

In this course you'll work through five sections:

1. Living or non-living? we'll explore what all living things have in common: the eight shared characteristics that make them 'living', and that make them different from things that are 'non-living'.

2. The life processes of plants‚ we'll look at how plants carry out seven different life processes:

  • How they move 
  • How they release stored energy so they can use it to do things
  • How they can respond to changes in the world around them
  • How they grow
  • How they reproduce make more of themselves
  • How they get rid of wastes
  • How they make food and get other things they need to live.

3. Ecology‚ we'll explore where living things live, as well as what things affect where they live and what helps living things survive where they do.

4. Classification‚ we'll look at the systems we use to figure out some order when it comes to all the millions of species of organisms that live on Earth, and what tools we can use to figure out which organism we're looking at.

5. Aotearoa New Zealand's unique plants and animals‚ we'll talk about the unique plants and animals we have in Aotearoa New Zealand and how organisms like those come about.

This course will give you a good grounding in the basic knowledge and skills you need to take forward to the Living World section of Year 10 Sciences, and then on to Years 11 to 13 when it gets called‚ Biology.

The word 'biology' comes from two Greek words: 'bios' meaning 'life' and 'logos' meaning 'study'. So biology is the study of life and living organisms.

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