Year 9 Living World Learning Guide

Year 9 Living World Learning Guide

Learning Guide

ISBN: 978-1-990038-88-4

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Year 9 Living World Learning Guide covers learning from Level 4 of the Living World strand of the science curriculum. 

This includes:

  • what makes something living, and the key life processes shared by all living organisms
  • how those life processes are demonstrated in plants
  • ecology and the study of relationships between living organisms and their physical environment
  • how we organise and classify living organisms
  • the basics of evolution and adaptation and how this has led to Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique collection of plants and animals.

Features include:

  • case studies using Aotearoa New Zealand examples 
  • links to internet and video resources
  • activities so that you can check your learning as you go
  • a comprehensive glossary of terms used in the book.


Published: 03/2024

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