About Us

LearnWell brings together two great educational resource publishers, both owned by The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand Ltd.

ESA Publications has been a leader in providing quality print educational resources for teachers and learners since 1985. Since our first Study Guides, through to our current range of over 340 books, you’ll find ESA Publications books in most New Zealand schools.

Established in 2017, iQualify for Schools has created over 100 online learning resources which are used in high schools all over New Zealand. Our team brings expert learning design and knowledge of online learning to everything we do.

In 2022, LearnWell brings these two businesses together to enable teachers and learners alike to access a streamlined, simplified range of print and digital resources in one place. And we’re expanding our range every day.

Whether you’re looking for print or digital, or a combination of both, LearnWell has the resource you’re looking for.

Unuhia mai te māpuna mātauranga, ka pūngarungaru ana ngā tai ki uta.

Draw deep from the well of knowledge, allow the ripples to reach the shore.

Our Team

Alex MacCreadie

Alex MacCreadieExecutive Director

Alex leads the LearnWell team. He’s passionate about teaching and learning and loves what great learning design can do for education. Before joining the team, Alex was principal and has taught many different subjects at a range of different levels.

When he’s not thinking about how to make learning more awesome, you can find Alex running a bass line with his band.

Andrea Tamatea

Andrea TamateaNgāti Porou, Ngāti KahungunuOperations Manager

Andrea is the Operations Manager for the print division of the LearnWell team. Over the past 18 years she has worn many hats within the ESA team, most recently being able to expand her knowledge with commercial publishing in the education sector. To ensure that everything runs smoothly she considers herself very lucky to be part of such a great team as it makes planning and organising such a breeze.

When work is not keeping her busy, she treasures spending time with whanau and might be found exploring the beautiful NZ coastlines with her husband and daughter (fishing!).

Erin Dolden

Erin DoldenLearning Design Lead

Erin is the Lead Learning Designer for the LearnWell team and is responsible for helping us make resources that are as awesome as they possibly can be. With a long background in education and learning, a passion for helping people learn is at the very heart of everything Erin does.

Never afraid to learn something new, Erin is an animal lover who is also studying Veterinary Nursing on the side! You should also ask her about her bubble tea stash sometime!

Garry Cave

Garry CaveCustomer Service Representative

One of the newer members of the LearnWell team, Garry is our Customer Service Representative and will be the main point of contact for customer liaison. With previous experience in retail customer service and warehouse support, he is keen to see what new challenges this role will provide.

During his downtime when he is not spending it with his family, he will either be listening to music, watching films, or visiting trendy hotspots for new food as he considers himself an amateur foodie.

Julie Lubich

Julie LubichSales and Marketing

Julie has held a variety of roles over her 25-year journey with LearnWell/ESA including Customer Services, Accounts, Sales and Admin Manager, and has a passion for her current role in Sales and Marketing. In the past few years, she has added planning conferences and managing our social media to her skillset.

Julie is in her happy place talking to customers and finding out what we can do to help. Her other happy place is being at Waihi Beach with her whanau and friends, drinking an icy cold sav and blasting the Foo Fighters.

Cindy Tran

Cindy TranFinance Controller

Starting out in Customer Service and is now the Finance Controller for LearnWell, but also has her hands in Sales and Marketing because she gets bored of numbers and data entry every now and then.

A little bit of a geek with an unhealthy addiction to iced coffee and an avid love for travel, Cindy often stares at the world map behind her desk pondering where her next destination will be.

Mere Toss-Davidson

Mere Toss-DavidsonNgāti Ruanui, Te Atiawa, Ngāti Maniapoto, WaikatoExecutive Assistant

Mere is the organiser-extraordinaire for the LearnWell team. If there’s a detail to be spotted, Mere will spot it! She’s worked in education for many years and there’s not a problem Mere can’t solve.

When she’s not keeping the team organised, Mere can often be found with her marching team - where even the steps are organised!

Malcolm Hewlett

Malcolm HewlettNgāti ManiapotoData Scientist

Malcolm is LearnWell’s Data Scientist and leads our work in all things technical. If you want to see Malcolm’s eyes light up, just show him a new ICT tool… Malcolm’s had more careers than your average teenager has messages on their phone, including as a senior leader in schools and an audio engineer and he brings all of these skills to his role.

With a newly found passion for kayaking, Malcolm can often be found near the beach.

Paul Geraghty

Paul GeraghtySenior Editor / Learning Designer

Paul is a Senior Editor/Learning Designer at LearnWell. He has over 25 years’ experience in publishing, covering both the private and public sectors, and brings his vast knowledge to every aspect of his work. Paul has special expertise in dealing with copyright issues that confound the rest of us!

If you’re looking for great curry recommendations, Paul’s your guy!

Sally Mangai

Sally MangaiLearning Designer

Sally is a Learning Designer with LearnWell. She joined the team in 2021, having worked in a number of other roles at Open Polytechnic. Her experiences in communications, media, real estate, human resources and healthcare give Sally a diverse background which enables her to contribute heaps to the LearnWell team.

With a great interest in food, Sally has also completed a chef’s apprenticeship. Sadly, working remotely means she can’t always show up to the office with baking – but the rest of us live in hope that she will one day!

Louise Swart

Louise SwartLearning Designer

Louise is a Learning Designer for LearnWell. She loves taking all sorts of content and transforming it into a fantastic learning experience—a process usually fuelled by coffee and sunshine.

Louise joined our team in 2021 with several years of experience as a learning designer in secondary EdTech. Her background is in science, and she’s always looking for an excuse to sneak the latest fun facts she’s learnt into her courses.

Angus Mackenzie

Angus MackenzieLead Typesetter

Angus is the Lead Typesetter at LearnWell and on his second stint. The first was after retraining following a career in museum exhibition design and installation. The gap was filled by time at a learning design and publishing companies. Then returning to ESA progressing to the lead typesetter role.

Qualifications in fine arts, teaching and computer publishing enable Angus to contribute to the LearnWell team on many levels.

Angus’ spare time is filled with travel to far flung places, quiz nights, dabbling in painting of canvas’ and the family home. (whisky appreciation).

Barnaby McBryde

Barnaby McBrydeTypesetter and Marketing Designer

Barnaby is part of the production team which works on the design of LearnWell’s printed books. Covers, page layouts – it’s a job that requires some creativity and a certain attention to detail.

With over 20 years’ experience in educational book publishing, Barnaby is still finding new challenges at LearnWell.

Qualifications in fine art and design as well as in the academic field have given Barnaby the skills to contribute to the continuing success of the company.

Pietro Lubich

Pietro LubichTypesetter, Designer and IT Support

Pietro has been a part of the ESA/LearnWell Production team for 20 years. He has studied Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and 3D Animation.

He loves all scientific subjects, however he has a strong love for Maths & Logic. His attention to detail and being a bit of an “eagle eye” helps immensely in this job.

A computer nerd at heart he really enjoys his IT Support role, and then gets to use his creative streak with Marketing material and template design.

In his spare time he loves spending time with his family & kids, perfecting his Charcoal Kebab recipe and likes to dream one day he will be the next Michael Jordan.

Trevor Hooper

Trevor HooperWarehouse Manager

Trevor is the Warehouse Manager for LearnWell. He has held this responsibility for over 27 years and shows no signs of slowing down. His organisation and his determination to accomplish tasks as efficiently as possible is a major asset to the LearnWell team.

Outside of his warehouse duties, he loves to spend time with his family, particularly his grandchildren. He is also well-versed on photography and recreational shooting.

Keryd Nasmith

Keryd NasmithOperations Support

Keryd is the jack-of-all-trades for the LearnWell team. Beginning as a casual member in 2014, Keryd became a permanent member in 2019. Assigned as the support person for numerous departments of the team, you could find Keryd in the Warehouse packing on a Monday, to assisting with the Marketing on a Wednesday.

Coming from a family that are major backers of the Auckland Blues, Keryd can be found watching his favourite club handle business!

Jo Crichton

Jo CrichtonFreelance Editor

Jo has been freelance editing and proofreading for ESA/LearnWell since 2006, but more frequently since 2015. After completing an English degree, a postgraduate Diploma in Drama and a Diploma in Secondary Teaching, she worked in-house as a magazine sub-editor and then for 7 years as an in-house editor at Pearson Education. She has been freelancing since 2003 editing, proofreading, narrating and acting.

Phyl Haydock

Phyl HaydockFreelance Editor

Phyl has been editing and writing a range of workbooks and study guides, specialising in Mathematics, for over 25 years. She oversees the process of taking a publication from the initial manuscript stage through to the final product.

Prior to her role as editor, Phyl taught Mathematics and English in schools in Victoria, Australia and in Auckland, New Zealand before taking time out of the classroom to raise her family. She has also had many years’ experience in one-to-one private Mathematics tutoring.

Phyl holds an MA with First Class Honours, majoring in Pure and Applied Mathematics, from the University of Auckland, along with a Diploma of Secondary School Teaching from Auckland Teachers’ Training College.

Marie Morrison

Marie MorrisonFreelance Editor

Marie recently joined the LearnWell team as an editor, focusing on the 2022 AME Science series. She comes from an extensive background in science education, including experience in secondary teaching, in tertiary teacher education and as a science writer. Marie values clear communication in providing resources of varied formats that motivate and inspire learning.

Her qualifications include B.Sc., Pg.Dip. Teaching (Secondary)

Outside of LearnWell, Marie can be found in or near the sea, spending time with family (the furred members too) and of course, avidly reading.