Year 10 Visual Language Skills - School Use

Year 10 Visual Language Skills - School Use

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This version of the resource is for school use. Teachers can facilitate, and load students from their class. If you are not using this resource in class, you should purchase the home use version.

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If you completed the Year 9 Visual Language Skills resource, then you already know that you are in for a whole heap of fun, cleverly disguised as learning.

Have you ever walked past a picture theatre and seen a poster that makes you think – ‘Ooh, that looks like a good movie’? What grabbed your attention? Was it the picture, the words or how the whole thing was put together? All visual language has a purpose – to get our audience to think, feel or do something. Like go to a movie!

What you’ll learn 

This year, we will go deeper into how to create a good static image and film and we'll focus more on how to view and interpret a visual text.

We'll cover:

  • Static images
    • Techniques for creating static images, including a recap of things you already know and new composition tools to use.
    • Understanding theme.
    • How to create a static image based on a short text.
    • Symbols, what they are and how and when to use them.
  • Film
    • Introduction to different types of films (genres).
    • A recap of film features and an introduction to theme and symbols.
    • Film techniques, revisiting and extending what you already know and introducing colour and symbols.
    • Using those new and existing skills to make a mockumentary, including planning, filming and editing.

How you’ll learn

Finding your way

Finding your way around an online learning place like iQualify can be tricky – like finding your way around a new school. If learning in iQualify is new to you, have a good look around before you start the course.

Learn by doing

People learn in different ways but most of us learn best by doing. In this course you will put the techniques you learn into practice with two key projects.

  1. Create a text-based static image, based on your interpretation of a short written text.
  2. Film a mockumentary that you will create based on a topic that we or your teacher provides.

There are many other activities along the way to help you learn the skills you need and to practise as you go.


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