Year 9 The Science Laboratory - Home Use

Year 9 The Science Laboratory - Home Use

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This version of the resource is for home use. Students work independently through the resource. If you are a teacher, you should purchase the school use version.

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Being a scientist is a bit like being a detective you get to investigate and analyse (examine in detail) what you observe (things you see, hear, smell and feel). Sometimes you'll do these investigations outside of the classroom, but a lot of the time you'll be working in a special area of the school the science laboratory (or 'lab' for short!). So it's important you get to know your science lab well!

In this course you'll work through two main sections:

  1. Working in the science lab‚ to start with we'll explore the kinds of equipment you'll come across in your science lab, some of the safety risks you might come across and the ways you can work to keep yourself and your classmates safe, as well as the measuring skills you'll need to collect accurate data when you're working in the lab this year.
  2. Science investigations‚ in the second part of this course we'll look in detail at how we go about answering questions we might have in science. You'll learn about the way we plan investigations, how we record results in a table, display them in a graph, and write a simple scientific report.

This course will give you the basic knowledge about the lab and help you develop the investigative skills you'll need to work effectively through the other areas of science you'll cover this year.

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