Year 9 Physical World - School Use

Year 9 Physical World - School Use

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Energy is at the heart of the 'Physical World' the world of physics. To make sense of everyday things that many take for granted such as movement, heat, light and sound in physics we look for patterns and trends, and describe them (often using maths equations).

In this course you'll work through two main sections:

  1. Energy and its sources‚ we'll explore the different forms of energy and its sources, how we measure energy and power, what we mean when we say something is 'energy efficient', and how we harness different types of energy to 'make' electricity. We'll also look a bit more closely at heat, as one example of energy.
  2. Waves‚ we'll look at how energy is transferred by waves, how we describe waves using a graph and particular quantities like frequency and amplitude. There are two main kinds of waves we're interested in at this stage: transverse and longitudinal. We'll explore light as an example of a transverse wave, and sound as an example of a longitudinal wave.

This course will give you a good grounding in the basic knowledge, language and skills you need to take forward to the Physical World section of Year 10 Sciences, and then on to Years 11-13 when it gets called‚ Physics.

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