Year 8 Logic and Problem Solving Start Right Workbook

Year 8 Logic and Problem Solving Start Right Workbook

Caroline Mulholland

ISBN: 978-1-990038-01-3

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Year 8 Logic and Problem Solving Workbook is set out in an attractive, write-on format, and the lively presentation will fully engage young learners (typically, 12-year-old and 13-year-old students). 

Logical thinking can be defined as the ability to analyse information and solve problems using language and maths-based reasoning, and this workbook is designed for students who want to strengthen and explore these skills. 

This is the second of two Start Right Logic and Problem Solving Workbooks that together cover aspects of Level Four of The New Zealand Curriculum – Mathematics and Statistics, and English

Year 8 Logic and Problem Solving Workbook has the following features.

  • Clear, concise explanations are used to introduce concepts.
  • Relevant examples illustrate strategies that will consolidate and extend students’ knowledge of Mathematics and English.
  • A variety of stimulating exercises that are fun to do will expand students’ reasoning skills.
  • The curriculum skills being covered are described in footers at the end of each exercise, providing ease of reference for teachers and parents.
  • Answers to all exercises are given at the back of the book.


Published: 08/2022


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