Year 3 Mathematics Start Right Workbook

Year 3 Mathematics Start Right Workbook

Eileen Ogden

ISBN: 978-1-990015-81-6

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Year 3 Mathematics Workbook introduces Level Two of The New Zealand Curriculum – Mathematics and Statistics.

It is set out in an attractive, write-on format, and the lively presentation is designed to fully engage young learners (typically, 7-year-old and 8-year-old students). 

This is the third of the eight Start Right Mathematics Workbooks that together cover Levels One, Two, Three and Four of The New Zealand Curriculum – Mathematics and Statistics

Year 3 Mathematics Workbook has the following features.

  • It is divided into the Mathematics and Statistics curriculum learning strands ‘Number and Algebra’, ‘Geometry and Measurement’ and ‘Statistics’.
  • The specific curriculum Achievement Objective being covered is given at the foot of each page, as a reference for parents and teachers.
  • Brief, clear explanations are used to introduce concepts.
  • Relevant worked examples are included to illustrate ideas and definitions.
  • It contains a variety of activities and puzzles that reinforce concepts in a fun way and provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge and practise skills.
  • Answers are provided in the back of the book.


Published: 04/2023


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