The Punctuation Start Right Workbook

The Punctuation Start Right Workbook

Lucy Pritchard

ISBN: 978-1-990038-80-8

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The Punctuation Workbook helps learners understand and correctly use a range of punctuation types, starting with basic punctuation, and moving through to complex punctuation. The 40 lessons start at the Year 2 level and move through to Year 8 and beyond. 

This book will also help educators and parents understand and teach the specific rule(s) for each type of punctuation.

The punctuation rules in this workbook follow British English.

The Punctuation Workbook is set out in an attractive, write-on format, to engage primary and intermediate school learners. 

Each lesson includes:

  • clearly worded rules (British English)
  • two clearly set out examples
  • ten exercises to complete
  • an extra learning opportunity (create your own)
  • answers (at the back).
The following topics are covered:
Full stops
Em dashes
Capital letters
Square brackets
Question marks
Speech punctuation
Exclamation marks
Inverted commas
Forward slashes
En dashes

    Punctuation is essential to written communication. Punctuation is for the reader: it clarifies the writer’s message. Therefore, the lessons in this workbook will help the reader and the writer.


    Published: 02/2023

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