Taku Haerenga 4 - School Use

Taku Haerenga 4 - School Use

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This version of the resource is for school use. Teachers can facilitate, and load students from their class.

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What you'll learn

In Taku Haerenga 4, we’ll help you think about your career in new ways and develop your job-seeking skills. We’ll help you think about some of the practical things about pursuing a career, like what it might cost to get qualified and the conversations you might need to have with those closest to you about your future plans.

Your course is divided into four modules.

1. Where am I heading now?

In ‘Where am I heading now?’ you’ll look back on your year just ended, think about the experiences you’ve had and what new qualities, skills and knowledge these experiences gave you. Then you’ll think about careers – what you’re interested in, what you want and need from a job and what preparation you might need to do to get into a career you’re interested in.

2. Me as a jobseeker

In ‘Me as a job seeker’ you’ll look at the job-searching and application processes so that, when you find a job you like the look of, you know exactly what to do and have every chance of success. This will include how to write an awesome covering letter to go with your application.

3. Learning when school is over

In ‘Learning when school is over’ we’ll look at making the change from secondary school to tertiary education, what’s different about studying at tertiary level and how you can manage your time. We’ll also get real about the cost of tertiary study and look at different ways you can get funding so you can study once school is over.

4. Conversations about my future

In ‘Conversations about my future’ we’ll give you some tips for talking with your whānau, careers and academic advisors about your future plans.


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