Level 3 Conic Sections 3.1 Learning Workbook

Level 3 Conic Sections 3.1 Learning Workbook

Tom Sidebotham

ISBN: 978-1-990015-37-3

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Level 3 Conic Sections Learning Workbook covers NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standard 91573 (Mathematics and Statistics 3.1): Apply the geometry of conic sections in solving problems. This standard is internally assessed and worth 3 credits.
The workbook features:

  • concise theory notes with brief, clear explanations
  • worked examples with key concepts and skills explained
  • relevant sets of exercises for student practice
  • a set of practice revision questions
  • answers to all exercises, provided in the back of the book.

An index gives easy access to important terms and definitions highlighted in the text.

This workbook covers the geometry of conic sections (circle, ellipse, parabola and hyperbola) and its application to problem solving in practical and theoretical contexts.

Properties of conic sections are investigated, including the directrix, vertices, foci and asymptotes, and the equations of tangents and normals are determined. Methods involve both Cartesian and parametric forms of the equations of conic sections, and the use of loci.

This write-on workbook may be used by teachers for classroom practice, or by students as a homework book or revision guide.

The write-on format keeps notes and exercises together in a compact form, providing a useful revision tool for end-of-topic assessment.


Published: 01/2021


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