Level 3 Chemistry Learning Workbook

Level 3 Chemistry Learning Workbook

Jan Giffney and Dorothy Kane

ISBN: 978-1-988548-33-3

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Level 3 Chemistry Learning Workbook covers all seven NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standards:

  • the three externally assessed Achievement Standards - 91390 (Chemistry 3.4), 91391 (Chemistry 3.5) and 91392 (Chemistry 3.6)
  • the four internally assessed Chemistry Standards - 91387 (Chemistry 3.1),  91388 (Chemistry 3.2), 91389 (Chemistry 3.3) and 91393 (Chemistry 3.7).

All key content and skills are covered for each Achievement standard. Activities provide class and homework material, as well as offering preparation for the internal assessments throughout the year and end-of-year external exam assessments.

The workbook features: 

  • concise theory notes with brief, clear descriptions and explanations
  • examples to illustrate concepts as well as worked examples that illustrate problem-solving applications
  • comprehensive answers, giving useful guided help for students
  • an index of all important chemistry terms used in the text.

The book's write-on format keeps student notes and work together in a compact form, as well as providing a useful end-of-year revision tool.


Published: 10/2019


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