Level 2 Examining Historical Sources 2.3 Learning Workbook

Level 2 Examining Historical Sources 2.3 Learning Workbook

Karl Goddard

ISBN: 978-0-947504-93-9

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Level 2 Examining Historical Sources Learning Workbook covers the externally assessed Level 2 Achievement Standard 91231 (History 2.3) 'Examine sources of an historical event that is of significance to New Zealanders'.

The workbook features:

  • bite-sized sections of theory with student-friendly explanations
  • examples to illustrate concepts
  • plenty of NCEA-style questions so students can improve their skills and practise problem solving
  • in-depth suggested answers to questions.

An index gives easy access to important terms and definitions highlighted in the text.

The concise theory notes and write-on exercises keep student work together in a compact format, providing a useful end-of-topic revision tool.

This workbook is ideal for use in the classroom or for homework, home study and revision.


Published: 08/2019

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