Level 1 Science Learning Workbook

Level 1 Science Learning Workbook

Glennis Moriarty

ISBN: 978-0-908340-58-3

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Level 1 Science Learning Workbook covers seven major NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standards from the science matrix:

  • three externals – AS90948, AS90944 and AS90940
  • four complementary internals – AS90925, AS90930, AS90935 and AS90950.

The special features of the workbook are:

  • many clear, explanatory illustrations
  • key words and concepts highlighted and explained
  • fully worked examples
  • structured questions aer each section of work
  • comprehensive answers at the back of the book.

The book’s format allows student work to be kept in one place throughout the year, making the workbook ideal for the classroom and for use at home.


Published: 02/2018


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