91223 Analysing International Trade Learning Guide

91223 Analysing International Trade Learning Guide

Learning Guide

ISBN: 978-1-990015-03-8

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91222 Analysing International Trade Learning Guide covers all the things you need to know and be able to do for Achievement Standard 91223 ‘Analyse international trade using economic concepts and models’.

You’ll cover the key aspects of:

  • what things New Zealand exports and imports, and how these activities are measured
  • what causes changes in international trade
  • the foreign exchange market and exchange rates
  • how changes in these things impact on different groups in New Zealand society and on employment, growth and inflation.
Features include:
  • case studies and examples from Aotearoa New Zealand 
  • links to internet resources
  • activities so that you can check your learning as you go
  • key point summaries at the end of each section
  • a comprehensive glossary of terms used in the book.


Published: 06/2024


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