Digital learning makes a difference at Dunstan

Digital learning makes a difference at Dunstan

Sally Mangai

Conrad Herion, HoD Commerce and Economics at Alexandra's Dunstan High School, spoke with us recently about using LearnWell Digital with his classes.  We discussed the different ways digital learning is making a difference at Dunstan. 

Multi-unit teaching made easy

"I teach a combined Year 12/13 class, and to be honest, standing in front of them teaching has no merit in this situation," said Conrad. "LearnWell Digital has been a big benefit to me - I can get all students working on their own content at the same time".  This multi-unit teaching model has proved to be very efficient and has delivered some great results for Dunstan's learners. 

Better engagement

Conrad also uses LearnWell Digital with 25 students in one class studying Level 1 Economics.  He notes that many students prefer LearnWell Digital over traditional textbooks, finding the interactive elements more engaging. The NZ-made, relatable resources effectively cater to the students' preferences and learning styles. This in turn contributes to heightened interest and sustained engagement.

Changing to digital learning has made it possible for Conrad to get the most out of each class for each student.

Teacher-friendly analytics

In addition, Conrad finds the Class Console in LearnWell Digital particularly valuable for monitoring student progress. Acting as the central hub within iQualify (the Learning Management Software) the Class Console empowers teachers to track each student's progress within the resource. This includes identifying completed tasks, facilitating assessments and providing direct feedback to students.  

The Class Console displays graphs, visually representing learner activity data. These graphs provide teachers with clear insights into student engagement and performance.

Always something productive to get on with

Digital learning has also made a difference at Dunstan for the boarding students, especially during their assigned study sessions. With its automatic feedback and easy-to-follow format, students can get right into their work without any fuss. Every student has something to keep them making progress and as Conrad says, "they can never tell you they didn't know what to do next!"

Exam Preparation

Even though exams are on paper, Conrad's found that LearnWell Digital provides excellent training for externals. He gathers students after studying resource sections for profitable group discussions on exam questions. He has noted that students have felt confident and ready come exam day. This has been evident in their great exam results.

Kia kaha me ō mahi Conrad. We hope that in some small way, LearnWell is able to help with Dunstan High School's valuable mission of engaging, inspiring and empowering their students. 

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