Year 9 Science Learning Workbook

Year 9 Science Learning Workbook

Bill Peacock

ISBN: 978-0-947504-96-0

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This workbook takes into consideration the five science capabilities of The New Zealand Curriculum (Gathering and interpreting data, Using evidence, Critiquing evidence, Interpreting representations and Engaging with science) and the five Level 4 and 5 Science strands of The New Zealand Curriculum (Nature of Science, Living World, Material World, Physical World and Planet Earth and Beyond). The majority of the material in this book is at Level 4 of The New Zealand Curriculum. The companion Year 10 Science Learning Workbook contains predominantly Level 5 material.

  • The Introduction chapter introduces all five Science strands.
  • The Living World strand is divided into three chapters – Life processes, Ecology and Evolution.
  • The Material World strand is divided into three chapters – Properties and changes of matter, The structure of matter and Chemistry and society.
  • The Physical World strand is divided into four chapters – Energy, Light, Heat and Sound.
  • The Planet Earth and Beyond strand is divided into two chapters – Earth systems and Astronomical systems.

Each chapter is made up of individualised Units of work. A Unit of work contains information on a topic, sometimes exercises or experiments for the students to complete and questions (literal questions, inferential questions and enquiry/research questions).

With a total of 174 Units of work, this workbook provides an extensive range of activities for a full teaching programme.

The write-on format keeps student work in a compact form.

Detailed answers are provided for all questions.


Published: 10/2020


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