Year 9 Measurement - School Use

Year 9 Measurement - School Use

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This version of the resource is for school use. Teachers can facilitate, and load students from their class. If you are not using this resource in class, you should purchase the home use version.

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What you'll learn 

This course is broken into four sections.

1. Practical measurement

In this section you'll learn how to:

  • measure length and distance
  • choose the best scales, devices and metric units to use for weight, temperature, time and length
  • use and interpret scales, timetables and charts
  • convert between metric units using decimals.

2. Length and shape

In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • identify different two-dimensional shapes: polygons, triangles and quadrilaterals
  • use side lengths to find the perimeters of polygons
  • find the circumferences of circles and the perimeters of composite shapes
  • read and understand scale drawings.

3. Area

In this section you’ll learn how to:

  • calculate the area of rectangles
  • find the area of parallelograms, triangles and circles
  • estimate the area of irregular shapes
  • work out the area of composite shapes.

4. Volume

In this section you’ll learn about:

  • properties of cuboids
  • calculating the volume of cuboids
  • the difference between volume and capacity.


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