Level 5 Resources & Sustainability Learning Workbook

Level 5 Resources & Sustainability Learning Workbook

Rebecca Legg and Len Wilson

ISBN: 978-1-988586-11-3

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This workbook provides a range of activities for a full Social Studies teaching programme typically taught at Year 9 or 10 that specifically covers the Achievement Objective ‘Understand how people’s management of resources impacts on environmental and social sustainability’ from Level 5 of The New Zealand Curriculum, Social Sciences.
This workbook features twelve independent units of work:
  • Introduction
  • Sustaining our native forests
  • Saving our oceans and seas
  • The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • Managing e-waste
  • Tuvalu struggles to sustain human life
  • Sustainable Samsø Island
  • New Zealand’s declining water quality
  • Sustainable water trail at Auckland’s Botanic Gardens
  • Waste disposal in landfills
  • New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Sustainable Aotearoa
Answers are available at www.esa.co.nz
The workbook, based upon contemporary New Zealand, Pacific and international locations, also features:
  • key social studies concepts
  • social studies knowledge, skills and competencies
  • key social studies vocabulary.

Students working through this workbook will be able to:
  • develop an understanding of the interrelationships between people and the environment
  • recognise environmental and resource degradation and depletion
  • describe the causes of resource degradation and depletion
  • describe the consequences of resource degradation and depletion for people and the environment
  • accept that resource use must be managed and sustained
  • understand that conservation is necessary to ensure resource sustainability
  • explain how groups attempt to protect the environment and manage resources
  • take personal responsibility for environmental sustainability and adopt social action – get involved
  • understand the concept of carbon footprint and suggest ways to reduce it
  • understand that he/she is a global citizen and has a personal interest in managing resources to ensure environmental and social sustainability.
The write-on format keeps student notes and work together in a compact form, providing a useful revision tool for tests and other assessments.


Published: 11/2021



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