Level 5 Movement of People Learning Workbook

Level 5 Movement of People Learning Workbook

Rebecca Legg

ISBN: 978-1-988586-10-6

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This workbook provides a range of activities for a full Social Studies teaching programme typically taught at Year 9 or 10 that specifically covers the Achievement Objective ‘Understand that people move between places and how this has consequences for the people and the places’ from Level 5 of The New Zealand Curriculum, Social Sciences.

This workbook features eight independent units of work:

  • Why people move and the impact on people and place
  • Case Study: New Zealand and migration
  • Case Study: The Chinese in New Zealand
  • Case Study: Mexico / USA border
  • Case Study: Refugees
  • New Zealand and refugees
  • Case Study: The Industrial Revolution
  • Case Study: Maori urbanisation
  • Case Study: Tourism
  • 'Standing on top of the world' – the dark side of the climb to the top

The workbook also features:

  • key social studies concepts – identity, culture, and organisation; place and environment, and continuity and change
  • social studies knowledge, skills and competencies
  • key social studies vocabulary.

This workbook uses a variety of activities that suit the different learning styles. Skills covered include resource interpretation, recognising usefulness and reliability of sources, interpretation of information, development of empathy, analysis of graphs and statistics, comparing and contrasting, communication skills, and interpersonal skills through discussion and acceptance of differences.

The write-on format keeps student notes and work together in a compact form, providing a useful revision tool for tests and other assessments.


Published: 09/2021




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