91605 Processes of Evolution - School Use

91605 Processes of Evolution - School Use

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What you'll learn

This course‚ covers the things you'll need to know and be able to do for achievement standard 91605.

In it you'll find answers to questions like:

  • What is a gene pool and what is allele frequency?
  • What is gene flow?
  • What is genetic drift, founder effect and bottleneck effect?
  • What is inbreeding and what is‚ outbreeding?‚ 
  • What is natural selection, including disruptive selection, stabilising selection, directional selection and sexual selection?
  • What is a phylogenetic tree and what is the role of molecular biology?
  • What are genetic mutations, including gene mutations, chromosomal mutations and ploidy - and what are their roles in evolution?
  • What is speciation and how do reproductive isolating mechanisms function?
  • What is allopatric speciation and what is sympatric speciation?
  • What is instant speciation/polyploidy?
  • What can we determine from fossil evidence?
  • What evidence of evolution‚ can we attain from genetic analysis?
  • What evidence of evolution can we attain from biogeographical factors?
  • What is gradualism and punctuated equilibrium; how do these rates of evolution differ?
  • What is divergent evolution and adaptive radiation?
  • What is convergent evolution?
  • What are the differences in comparative anatomy between homologous and analogous structures?
  • What is co-evolution and what species can we observe to have co-evolved?

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