91526 Electrical Systems - Home Use

91526 Electrical Systems - Home Use

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This version of the resource is for home use. Students work independently through the resource. If you are a teacher, you should purchase the school use version.

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What you'll learn

This course‚ covers the things you'll need to know and be able to do for achievement standard 91526.

In it you'll find out about:

  • Internal resistance
  • Simple application of Kirchoff's laws
  • Parallel‚ plate capacitors, capacitance; dielectrics; series and parallel capacitors; charge-time,‚ voltage-time and current-time graphs for a capacitor; time constant; energy stored in a‚ capacitor
  • Magnetic flux,‚ magnetic flux density, Faraday's law, Lenz's law, the inductor; voltage-time and‚ current-time graphs for an inductor, time constant, self-inductance, energy stored in‚ an inductor, the transformer
  • The comparison‚ of the energy dissipation in a resistor carrying direct current and alternating current;‚ peak and (rms) voltage and current
  • Phasor diagrams; reactance and impedance and‚ their frequency dependence in a series circuit, voltage and current and their phase‚ relationship in LR and CR circuits, resonance in LCR circuits.

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