Online Resources: Level 5 Treaty of Waitangi - Te Tiriti o Waitangi Learning Workbook (2019 edition)

2019 edition

ISBN: 978-1-988548-45-6


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Page 13

Treaties between the United States and Native American Indians

Information on Treaties between the United States and Native American Indians can be found from the following website:

Click on this website and scroll down to the second map and Select a tribe and year to read the text of each treaty or a law summary that ceded land to the US. This will give you details of the different treaties.

This website also gives more information about each of the tribes if you scroll past the page with the map – stories of different tribes, photos, illnesses that affected them, their battles, etc.  See if you can see comparisons with Māori tribes in New Zealand.



Also check out these websites:

Click on the Youtube TED talk on the Lakota tribe.


Page 13

Research activity – Extension work – extra for experts (GAT)


Page 15

Note taking – Why was a treaty needed?




Declaration of Independence

Use the information from the chapter in this book called ‘The Declaration of Independence’, pages 8–10 and the following website:


Page 21

Waitangi – What really happened?

Work through the videos, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 are all available on the website above.

(High resolution videos can be found via this alternative link:


Page 24

Wairau Incident – Understanding different perspectives

Te Rauparaha’s account:

John Kidson’s statement (British Settler):


Page 28

Lead-up to war


Page 29

Research – finding information and summarising main points


Page 31

Kīngitanga Movement – Perspective


Page 33

Taranaki and Waikato Wars


Page 45



Page 46

Parihaka timeline

PDF of text boxes and pictures to glue onto your Parihaka timeline.


Page 52

Case Study – The Waitangi Tribunal


Page 53

Case Study: Bastion Point – Ōrākei


Page 54

Case Study – Picture dictation

Audio file of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei case study


Page 57

Research – click through all the buttons – background, redress, cultural redress, financial and commercial redress and type in 'Ngati Whatua Orakei' in the search bar.


Page 59

Waitangi Tribunal Inquiry – Assignment, inquiry-based learning

The following websites have information on a range of the different claims listed above – use the search bar on these sites to find the claim you are looking for.

It is also useful to go to the website of the iwi you are researching and have a look there for the history to the grievance/protest and for the outcome or result of the protest and the impact on the people since the claim was settled.


Pages 63 and 64

Thinking activity – challenging perceptions


Pages 68 to 71

Think-Pair-Share: Treaty of Waitangi in legislation (chapter 7)


PDF of answers



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Page 57 

REMOVED/BROKEN: and type in 'Ngati Whatua Orakei' in the search bar.

REPLACEMENT: and type in 'Ngati Whatua Orakei' in the search bar.


Page 59 



REMOVED and not replaced: 


Pages 68 to 71 


REPLACEMENT: (chapter 7)