Online Resources: Level 3 Biology Study Guide

Online Resources: Level 3 Biology Study Guide, ISBN: 978-0-947504-94-6 (2021 edition)

Level 3 Biology Study Guide 2021 Resources


Online Resources: Level 3 Biology Study Guide, ISBN: 978-1-927194-58-4 (2013 edition)

Pages 16, 18


Page 23

Greenpeace New Zealand -

Forest and Bird - 

Federated Mountain Clubs -

New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association -

Federated Farmers -

Fish and Game -

Page 24

Dung Beetle Release Strategy Group -

New Zealand Herald articles on dung beetles:

Page 27

Parliamentary Commission for the Environment -

Page 29

The two most relevant ways of referencing are:

Page 63

Photoperiod responses.pdf

Page 83

Orientation responses in animals.pdf

Page 126

Interspecific relationships.pdf

Page 153

Intraspecific relationships.pdf

Pages 219, 224

Gene mutations and their effects.pdf

Page 230

Processes of evolution.pdf

Page 246


Page 319

Hominin evolution - Homo.pdf

Page 368a

Making DNA from RNA.pdf 

Page 368b

Obtaining DNA for transgenesis.pdf

Page 337

Hominin evolution Homo sapiens.pdf

Page 369

This ESA Online link is actually an error, sorry!

The material it refers to is covered in the ESA Online link at the bottom of page 368.