Online Resources: Level 3 Statistics Learning Workbook (2018 edition)

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Level 3 Statistics Learning Workbook - 2018 Edition

Page 5: New Electronic Card Transactions.csv

Page 5: Using Excel to analyse time series.doc

Page 10: New Electronic Card Transactions.csv

Page 12: Creating time series graphs using NZGrapher.pdf

Page 15: NZ Alcohol Consumption.csv

Page 22: NZ Alcohol Consumption.csv

Page 43: New Electronic Card Transactions.csv

Page 43: Passengers Arrivals Departures Movements.csv

Page 44: Time Series sample assessment.pdf

Page 44: Antarctica climate data.csv

Page 50: Oregon waste disposal.csv

Page 54: Instructions for drawing scatter plots on Excel, iNZight and NZGrapher.pdf

Page 55: Columbia River.csv

Page 55: Wrist neck circumferences.csv

Page 56: Sacramento Valley drainage.csv

Page 56: Zinc v lead concentrations.csv

Page 57: California power plants.csv

Page 58: Rainbow glacier retreat.csv

Page 62: Residuals.pdf

Page 66: Residuals.pdf

Page 69: Removing outliers on iNZight.pdf

Page 74: Creating piecewise functions on Excel.pdf

Page 74: Sunflower heights.csv

Page 75: Area and bacteria.csv

Page 75: Lava dome dimensions.csv

Page 75: Temp and Humidity.csv

Page 78: Using iNZight to draw matrix of variables.pdf

Page 79: Census at school dataset.csv

Page 83: Using technology to separate catagories in data.pdf

Page 87: Sample Assessment.pdf

Page 87: Sample assessment Fifty states data.csv

Page 87: Health Statistics TNHNES.csv

Page 87: Health Data.docx

Page 91: Births.csv

Page 93: Sampling methods and Exercise B.pdf

Page 98: Fat content pork and beef sausages.csv

Page 99: Births.csv

Page 101: Percentage body fat.csv

Page 102: Cheese.csv

Page 102: Sports shoe weights.csv

Page 103: Earthquakes over 7.csv

Page 104: Births.csv

Page 108: Census at school dataset.csv

Page 109: Sampling variability and sample size.pdf

Page 110: Formal inference sample investigation.pdf

Page 124: Jump and sprint.csv

Page 125: Empathy and training.csv

Page 128: Reaction times and texting.csv

Page 141: Listening and texting.csv

Page 143: Stretching and wallsit.csv

Page 145: Stem length and wilt.csv

Page 147: Sample assessment.pdf

Page 147: Sample assessment Reaction times.csv

Page 153: Misleading graphs.pdf

Page 195: Permutations and combinations.pdf

Page 212: Practice assessment.pdf

Page 264: Practice probability distributions.pdf

Page 264: Simulations.pdf

Page 266: Matrix methods for simultaneous equations.pdf

Page 274: Matrix methods for simultaneous equations.pdf

Page 294: Practice assessment.pdf

Page 324: Practice assessment.pdf