Tutor yourself for NCEA externals

Tutor yourself for NCEA externals

Alex MacCreadie

Generally, students know the better they prepare for exams the more comfortable they'll feel actually sitting the exam. That knowledge doesn't make study easy, though. If you're a student, you probably feel overwhelmed by the need to absorb and understand all the content you've covered in a subject this year.  Knowing you can tutor yourself for NCEA externals can provide some welcome relief in the middle of exam stress.

LearnWell's AME Workbook range helps students who are finding it hard to know where to start - and where to end - when it comes to their NCEA external examinations.

How can AME Workbooks help you tutor yourself for NCEA externals?

Cost effective and accessible

Available from your local retailer off the shelf, or from our web store, AME Workbooks are easy to get your hands on.  Our website offers you special pricing for any 2+ AME Workbooks, so you can mix and match resources for less than what you'd pay a tutor for one hour.  


    The published date is included on our website for each AME Workbook.  Many of them are hot-off-the-press and include updates from 2022 NCEA externals.  

    Only what you need to know 

      AME Workbooks lessen 'the noise' that can hinder effective study.  They stay focused on recent exams and what was asked, and the key things you need to know for each achievement standard. Without getting bogged down, you'll learn only what you need to know.

      Question break-down

        You'll see clearly how to pull apart recent exam questions and analyse what the examiner needs to see.  Then you can plan an answer with this in mind.

        Answers and explanations

          Sample answers show clearly what needs to be included for 'achieved', 'merit' or 'excellence' grades.  

          Space to practise

            Just reading will only get you so far as you prepare for an exam.  You need to practise writing to help the information sink in.  There is plenty of space for responding to a question in your AME Workbook.

            Important diagrams and pictures

              These will help you to recognise and recall the most essential facts.

              Hints on structuring your answer

                Different subjects require different exam-specific approaches, and you'll get tips that suit the subject in an AME Workbook.  You'll also find help on general exam technique.

                Use free resources to help plan study

                  The exam timetable and study planner will be useful resources to sit alongside your AME Workbook.

                  How to use your AME Workbook effectively

                  1. Introduction

                  Reading the introduction will ground you in what you need to know.  An understanding of the Grade Score Marking system used with NCEA externals gives you the knowledge to select which parts of the question you will answer first, and the depth you need to go for when studying for a particular grade.  

                  2. Choose

                  Next, choose some questions to look into closely. Each chapter in an AME workbook relates to a particular standard, listing a variety of questions in exams over the past five years. A quick scan of the questions in each chapter will help you select which ones you will answer. In general, depending on the number of credits required for the subject, most students will be focusing on one or two different options. Typically, you will choose to answer those questions you feel most confident in.

                  3. Plan

                  Check out the section on question types and language for help with planning an answer.  You need to understand what specific verbs mean in the question and how this should guide your plan. For instance, if a question asks you to ‘Describe’, then the answer should outline the specific ideas and features of the topic of the question. ‘Explain’ requires more perspective and context in the response.

                  4. Practise

                  Practise some answers. Each question has a page number to the answer section at the back of the book. This answer section not only has a model answer but also examples of excellence, merit or achieved answers. Comparing your answer to the model answer needs to be done critically.  Take note of the main features in the sample answer, including the length and depth of understanding provided.  Get into the detail and be critical when comparing your work with the samples provided.

                  Tutor yourself and see success in your NCEA external results

                  Using an AME Workbook effectively will give students the best chance of success, and that is what we want for every student studying NCEA.  AME Workbooks are going to tell you what you need to know!  

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