Students and teacher from St Mary's College Wellington

LearnWell Digital at St Mary’s College Wellington

Sally Mangai

In 2019, Genevieve Herder, a technology teacher at St Mary’s College Wellington decided to try teaching one of the new Digital Technologies Achievement Standards using a resource developed by LearnWell. It turned out to be fortuitous as access to this resource became particularly valuable during this year’s Covid-19 lockdown. Genevieve was able to continue to teach her course knowing that her students had access to a high quality resource that supported great learning. Not only this, but she could clearly see her students’ progress and interact with them. 

Genevieve says using LearnWell Digital has transformed the way she teaches her classroom. A key aspect of this has been the way LearnWell Digital has freed up her time, so she can now spend more one on one time with students, as all the content for the standard is on the platform, ready to use.

“It’s a gift that all that prep time has been taken away and provided by LearnWell Digital.”

Genevieve Herder, St Mary’s College, Wellington

She says its helpful for her to track students progress in LearnWell Digital and the platform shows her which students may need extra help. She now does more one on one catch ups with students rather than front of class teaching to see how they are progressing through their tutorials. Not only this, but it’s proved to be a great tool for when Genevieve is away. She is able to set work and know that students have all they need to continue their learning.

As well as providing clear benefits for the teacher, Genevieve also found that her students were really positive about their experience. They no longer felt like they needed to rush through course content in class as they can access learning both at home and at school. Students can take their time with the content, breaking up their learning until they have a good understanding of the topic. But even more importantly, Genevieve’s students achieved academic success using LearnWell Digital. Genevieve says of LearnWell Digital:

“The students last year got fantastic results with it. It’s very hard to get Excellence in externals and four girls got Excellences and seven got Merits. All the content is there and if they retain it, why wouldn’t they be successful?”

Genevieve Herder, St Mary’s College Wellington

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