Joining forces: Force 4 Families and LearnWell

Joining forces: Force 4 Families and LearnWell

Alex MacCreadie

When Force 4 Families offered LearnWell the opportunity to be part of the force behind the Force, we jumped in with two feet!

Force 4 Families is a community for New Zealand Defence Force personnel, and the whānau who support them. Force for Families brings together services that can offer a variety of support to the wider Defence Community.

LearnWell recognises the valuable work the NZ Defence Force does here at home as well as in the Pacific, and wider world. An obvious demonstration of their contribution has been their tireless work to assist our affected communities in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle.  The way we've seen the Defence Force swing into action around the North Island with their skill, experience and tenacity to rescue, supply and provide access to many communities cut off by this disaster has been heartening.

We mustn't forget that our Defence Force have their own families, whose sacrifice and support enable them to do what they do. Those Defence families will have needs and aspirations and supporting families to succeed in their learning goals is what we do. 

LearnWell is motivated to see every Kiwi learner meet their learning goals. We have education resources for all age groups of school learners. We're proud to support New Zealand Defence Force members and their whānau through a 25% discount on all our products. LearnWell is pleased to be part of the force behind the Force.

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