Choosing homeschooling resources in NZ: the Dönitz family

Choosing homeschooling resources in NZ: the Dönitz family

Sally Mangai

We recently had a lovely chat with the Dönitz family, who moved to New Zealand for a fresh start and the chance to homeschool their children.

Hi Janine, tell us a bit about your family and how you came to be homeschoolers.

We decided to homeschool when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  Life changed so much, and due to our personal experiences in school we wanted to try something different for our family.  Part of the reason we decided to move to New Zealand was reading about the supportive homeschool community here.  We're so thankful for this lifestyle. Choosing homeschooling resources in NZ was then another part of the puzzle.


Choosing homeschooling resources in NZ

How do you go about choosing homeschooling resources in NZ?

We make choices with our lifestyle in mind.  We have used a variety of digital resources and apps - many of which were great!  But when we started looking for workbooks we could write in, we found LearnWell.  We were able to borrow a few Start Right Workbooks from the library to look at them in depth.  Then we decided to order some from your website, and we will keep on doing so!

We're so glad to hear that!  Can you tell us about some of the ways you have used Start Right Workbooks?

We really enjoy the variety that Start Right Workbooks offer. For instance, sometimes completing a page means going to places like the library or grocery shopping with mum — making learning part of our everyday life. It's awesome to connect what we learn on the pages with real-life experiences.

One time, we explored different types of writing through the workbook. It introduced us to various genres, and then we headed to the library to find examples. It was such a rewarding learning adventure! Homeschooling allows us the flexibility to seize these learning opportunities whenever they arise.

Another activity we loved was analysing language in different contexts, like food packaging or billboards. It's not just about sitting still; we get to engage our bodies while exploring concepts in diverse ways.


Discovering Start Right Workbooks: a game-changer for us

Sounds like you're adding such a depth to your daughters' education through these experiences. How would you compare Start Right Workbooks to others you have tried?

To be honest, Start Right Workbooks are on point.  They're incredibly user-friendly. Since discovering them, we haven't looked back! Our kids genuinely enjoy learning new things. However, there are times when certain topics can be a bit dull. That's where Start Right Workbooks shine! They turn the basics into fun games, cool activities and even take us outside to learn.  The books keep kids reaching for more knowledge. They help us see things in a new way, making concepts interesting and exciting.

That's a lovely summary of our goals in printing the Start Right Workbook series, actually!  Thanks for that.  You've given us a great insight into how many options you have in your day and what it's like choosing homeschooling resources in NZ. What would you like to share with other parents considering homeschooling?

If you have the opportunity, I'd say go for it. It's been such a rewarding choice for us, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Your children are growing up fast, and if you're passionate about teaching them what you think is important, you're ahead of the game. You've won.


You're very inspiring, Dönitz family!  We have enjoyed hearing how passionate you are about homeschooling and the benefits you've seen as a result. Kei te aru pai tō haere, all the very best!  

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