Three girls use LearnWell Digital on a laptop in a classroom, improving connection, collaboration and capturing attention.

Connection, collaboration and capturing attention

Alex MacCreadie

Teaching and learning today come with many challenges. Teachers strive to connect with students, foster collaboration and maintain attention in a world full of distractions. We're up against platforms designed for quick entertainment rather than deep learning. Balancing our schedules and meeting the social needs of students adds to the complexity. Despite time constraints, teachers aim to keep students engaged and connected. Let's explore some straightforward strategies to achieve this goal.

Connection and collaboration

Effective teaching programmes engage students through meaningful connections and collaboration, while also offering flexibility. Viewing digital components as separate from interpersonal communication is a misconception. In our Learning Management System, iQualify, teachers can upload instructional videos, assign work and provide feedback, enhancing both digital and interpersonal learning experiences.

iQualify gives you the opportunity to centralise your thoughts and documents, collate completed tasks and foster connections and collaboration.  You can even take the 'pulse' of your class by asking them to give a time-bound response to a quick-fire question like 'You're feeling ready for your practise exam - yes or no?' 

In the Talk Channel, which is like a discussion board, you might ask students to respond with the two topics they'd most like to go over in class before their practice exam.

Giving them what they need to succeed

Some students love the video content, links and other enrichment opportunities easily available in an online resource like those from LearnWell Digital.  Others much prefer the practical nature of filling out a book to track their learning and refer back to.  It can be easier for kids to maintain their focus this way. This is one of the reasons teachers have asked us for choices when it comes to LearnWell resources.  Learning Guides offer you just that: the same content in and digital or print form.  These resources are affordable and easy-to-use, with comprehensive activities, answers and glossaries.  They guide students through one strand of the curriculum. 

Ways to capture their attention

Lack of focus is something we're all suffering from to one extent or another. Here are some practical strategies to help learners maintain attention in the classroom:

  • Shake up the routine: Consider taking students outdoors or bringing in guest speakers to demonstrate concepts in real-world settings.
  • Implement time-bound tasks: Use online timers to encourage students to complete tasks within set time frames. Group work can also be structured to conclude naturally with a presentation to the class.
  • Utilise motivational incentives: Consider incorporating rewards or incentives to keep students engaged and motivated.
  • Foster student involvement: Engage students in discussions about focus and its impact on learning. Encourage them to identify distractions and brainstorm strategies to stay on task.
  • Introduce friendly competition: Divide the class into groups and incorporate competitive elements into the curriculum.
  • Provide structured task lists: Allow students to track their progress by checking off completed tasks.
  • Personalise feedback: Utilise platforms like iQualify to send personalised messages or video responses to individual students. Regular feedback and encouragement can boost motivation and focus.

If you want to see some of the features of LearnWell Digital in action, and how it can help with connection, collaboration and capturing attention, try a resource for free.  

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