Year 10 Mathematics and Statistics Learning Workbook

Year 10 Mathematics and Statistics Learning Workbook

Phyl Haydock, Karen Hooper and Chris MacLaren

ISBN: 978-0-947504-86-1

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Year 10 Mathematics and Statistics Learning Workbook covers material from Levels 5 and 6 of The New Zealand Curriculum, Mathematics and Statistics, divided into the three strands of Number and AlgebraGeometry and Measurement, and Statistics. The central focus of the workbook is at Level 5 of The New Zealand Curriculum.

This workbook is attractively set out and features:
  • bite-size sections of theory with brief, clear explanations
  • numerous worked examples to illustrate ideas and definitions
  • plenty of exercises for student practice, from the straightforward to the challenging
  • practical activities, puzzles and fun revision exercises to reinforce concepts
  • an index of highlighted words used in the text, for easy access to key definitions
  • answers to all exercises and puzzles (provided in the back of the book).
With more than 170 sets of student exercises, this write-on workbook offers a full year of classroom and homework activities, providing students with full coverage of a typical Year 10 Mathematics and Statistics course from The New Zealand Curriculum.

The write-on format keeps student notes and work together in a compact form, providing a useful revision tool for tests and other assessments.

Published: 01/2020


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