Online Resources: Level 5 Treaty of Waitangi Learning Workbook (2014 edition)

2014 edition

ISBN: 978-1-927297-33-9

Please note:  some links are no longer working which is out of our control as the 'source' has been removed/closed/broken.  We have tried to find alternatives but instead found best solution was to update the whole book, please click HERE for new edition and resources/online files.


Page 12

Activity 1: Research activity – Extension work – extra for experts (GAT)


Page 14

Activity 2: Note taking – Why was a treaty needed?





Page 20

Activity 2: Waitangi – What Really Happened?


Page 23

Activity 1: Wairau Incident – Understanding different perspectives


Page 27

Activity 1: Lead up to war


Page 28

Activity 2: Research – finding information and summarising main points


Page 30

Activity 3: Kïngitanga Movement – Perspective

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Page 32

Activity 4: Taranaki and Waikato Wars


Page 40

Activity 3: Parihaka


Page 41

Activity 4: Parihaka timeline

PDF of text boxes and pictures to glue onto your Parihaka timeline


Page 46

Activity 6: Case Study – The Waitangi Tribunal


Page 47

Case Study: Bastion Point – Öräkei


Page 48

Activity 7: Case Study – Picture dictation

Audio file of Ngati Whatua Orakei case study


Page 51

Activity 2: Research

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NOTE: This website will take you to a 4 pages that answer all the questions.


Page 53

Activity 3: Waitangi Tribunal Inquiry – Assignment, inquiry-based learning

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NOTE: There is a whole range to choose from but you need to type in the search button which one you want – also all new settlements are on this website.


Page 57

Activity 1: Thinking activity – challenging perceptions


Page 58

Activity 1: Thinking activity – challenging perceptions


Page 62

Activity 3: Interactive game on the Treaty

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NOTE: This website answers all the questions but need to click on all the buttons 1-5 to get all the answers.


PDF of answers