Junior Handwriting Start Right Workbook

Junior Handwriting Start Right Workbook

Eileen Ogden

ISBN: 978-1-990015-61-8

New edition

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Junior Handwriting Workbook is set out in an attractive, write-on format, to engage young learners (typically, 5-year-old to 8-year-old students).

This is the first of two Start Right Handwriting Workbooks that are based on the document Teaching and Writing by the Ministry of Education and the ‘Speaking, Writing and Presenting’ strand of The New Zealand Curriculum – English.

Junior Handwriting Workbook aims to help students learn how to write letters and number forms legibly and with increasing fluency. It has the following features.

  • Clear instructions on the correct formation of letters are given.
  • It contains both tracing and copying tasks.
  • Notes are included on common mistakes students make when forming letters.
  • The writing exercises have been designed to capture the interest of students.


Published: 07/2022

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