Scholarship Economics AME Workbook

Scholarship Economics AME Workbook

Philip Jellyman

ISBN: 978-1-990038-68-6

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Scholarship Economics AME Workbook was published in 2022.

It covers all five Achievement Standards:

  • Economics 3.1 Efficiency of market equilibrium
  • Economics 3.2 Efficiency of different market structures using marginal analysis
  • Economics 3.3 Micro-economic concepts
  • Economics 3.4 Government interventions to correct market failures
  • Economics 3.5 Macro-economic influences on the New Zealand economy

The workbook has very brief exam revision notes appropriate for end-of-year exam preparation, with examples and questions from the 2021 and earlier years' Scholarship exams

Use this workbook all year round or during Terms 3 and 4 to revise and practise exam questions.


Published: 04/2022 


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